Dacra CODE-IT! is a code enforcement ticket entry, adjudication and collection process for counties and municipalities that is completely customizable, easy to learn, easy to use, expandable and affordable.

The streamlined adjudication process is fully automated with timely correspondence and seamless integration with existing systems. Whether building, grounds, or other violations, the generated tickets include hearing dates and everything else needed to adjudicate the issue in a timely fashion.

Dacra Code-IT! is an effective management tool, customized to the way you operate, that creates a solid revenue stream with little overhead or maintenance cost.

Dacra Code-IT! Major benefits:

* Generates “First Notice” tickets with hearing dates
* Automates scheduling, communication, collections, reporting
* Provides timely follow up
* Specifically customized to your ordinances requirements
* Greatly improves collections
* Controls officer overtime and court costs
* Reduces administrative costs
* Eliminates inspector ticket errors
* Improves accounting accuracy
* Customized for various access points
* Increases efficiency, saves inspector and staff time
* Increases inspector/employee job satisfaction

Restrict or allow access to certain data depending on user roles and permissions

• Service Request (SR) Module
– Tracks complaint from receipt to compliance and/or ticketing
– Provides report for use in field
– Tracks “running actions”
– Multiple violations per request
– Integrates with ticketing module in a single click
– Keeps complainant informed of proceedings
– Detailed reports by problem types, inspectors, etc.
• Ability to import GIS information to auto-populate address, PIN and responsible party information for Service Requests.
• Customization for home rule or state ordinances per business requirements
Multiple Tracking Features:

* Violator information
* Ticket, correspondence, payment histories
* Individual disposition history for each violation
* Status changes
* Liens filed

Ticketing Features:

* Creates and tracks code enforcement tickets
* Quick creation with increased data integrity
* “Live” information simultaneous from/to all workstations
* Court key assignment
* Multiple violations and evidence links per ticket
* Special location tracking
* Warnings may be excluded from adjudication/collection
* Automated 35-day and 60-day letter prior to collection
* Additional respondents may receive a copy of all notices

Administrative Adjudication Features:

* Docket creation and management
* Administrative hearing management
* Instant findings, decisions and orders
* Batch processing of “no show” default notices
* Fine escalation management
* Link evidence notes, photos, and correspondence to cases
* Automated lien procedures
* Reduce redundant data entry

Dacra Code-It! is an all in one software solution for code enforcement ticket creation, and adjudication.

Reporting and Connectivity Features:

* GIS connectivity
* Finance interaction and access
* Daily payment recording and transmittal
* Collection agency file submission
* Import/export to enterprise software (i.e. New World, Accela)
* Personnel management and reports
* Sophisticated search capability


Yes! Code-IT! is fully customized to the way you operate. With our easy to learn and operate interface and compresence training program your agency will be using the software in no time.

Yes IT-Stability provides both on-site and offsite training along with live web-based training.

Yes CODE-IT! is customizable to your agency needs. IT-Stability prides itself on providing customizable solutions to fit the needs of every client.

Dacra Code-IT! Code Enforcement and Adjudication Program is currently being used by:

Cook County
Crystal Lake
Des Plaines
Elk Grove Village
Highland Park

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact us at Dacra@it-stability.com or call us at 847-490-8440