Custom software designed to streamline, automate, decrease overhead, and improve the efficiency of police departments and communities everywhere.

We can design software for mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others.

We can help you connect your employees or constituents to corporate systems, create a mobile software solution or integrate current systems with other third-party information services.
We acknowledge that all agencies have their specific objectives, wants, and different needs. That is why we develop customized software solutions designed around your needs and wants. Our designers will sit down with you and make sure they understand your demands, in order to develop the best custom software solution for your needs.

Give your agency a competitive advantage with custom software.

New Application Development

Business Analysis and Specs Preparation

Legacy Application Migration & Enhancement

Project Rescue

Superior Performance and Usability

Software Maintenance and Support

Database Design and Optimization

User Interface Design for the Application Development

Systems Integration and Consolidation

Testing and Quality Management

Installation Support and Training

Many agency systems run on older technologies that have proven their value but could benefit from newer upgrades and optimizations.
IT-Stability can work with a piece of legacy technology and retrofit it with newer high-performing technology that will increase the power, efficiency, and effectiveness of older systems.

Legacy systems are vital to many businesses, and we have the experience, skill, and experience that is needed to develop and implement the right solution to your legacy technology needs.

We have worked with many customers using antiquated desktop based applications and developed brand new custom software.

“With today’s local and federal government agencies competing budget priorities and belt-tightening policies, state, county, and township law enforcement agencies are finding mobile and wireless technology to be a practical, cost-effective solution.”

It-Stability has been able to address such needs with its new line of Dacra software solutions for state and local government agencies.