Dacra TICK-IT! is an effective management tool, customized to the way you operate, that improves department efficiency, increases public compliance, well reducing officer workload.

Our streamlined and automated process provides timely respondent contact and seamless integration with existing systems.

Parking, tow, compliance, and animal tickets generated by the system are automatically assigned hearing dates and appear on the appropriate docket with all necessary information for adjudication and follow up.
Listed below are many of the details included in Tick-IT!:

* Multiple tracking and Reporting Features
* Ticketing Features
* Parking Features
* Administrative Adjudication Features
* Vehicle Towing and Seizures
* Reporting and connectivity Features
* Fast ticketing with minimal data input
* Court dates assigned automatically
* Greatly improved collections
* Paperwork reduced or eliminated
* Officer overtime and court costs controlled or eliminated
* Officer ticket errors eliminated
* Increased efficiency, saving officer and staff time
* Import and follow up for legacy unpaid tickets
* Single program for all ticketing procedures


Multiple Tracking and Reporting
* Sophisticated ticket search capabilities by multiple criteria
* Data revision and status change auditing
* Ticket event, correspondence, payment histories at a glance
* Ticket tracking at specific lot locations
* Multiple payment, personnel and management reports – fully customizable

* State, local ordinance and parking tickets
* Moving violation module includes officer circuit court keys, bond tracking and court transmittal
* In-squad ticketing/printing features ticket information auto-population from LEADS
* Electronic racial profiling data collection and state reporting
* Fine escalation management
* Automatic ticket numbering
* Automatically issue court notifications
* Boot and impound tracking and hotlist
* Night parking management
* Identification and management of suspension-eligible violators by multiple criteria
Officers can use a handheld device or the workstation in a patrol car to issue the E Citation and file the ticket with the clerk electronically. This eliminates the need of the officer to hand deliver a paper ticket to the clerk who then has to reenter the handwritten ticket into the courts computer system. Tick-IT! streamlines that whole process freeing up not only the patrol officers time but the clerks time as well.
Administrative Adjudication
* Automated docket creation and management
* Hearing officer can review ticket and related evidence electronically from disposition screen
* Instant findings, decisions and orders
* Batch processing of “no show” default notices
* Totally automated batch follow up correspondence
* On-line adjudication
Vehicle Towing and Seizures
* On-scene tow receipts, seizure notices, abandon tags
* Track and manage tow inventory
* Automated communication with tow companies
* Identify, track and tow abandoned vehicles
Reporting & Connectivity
* Integration with finance system for daily payment imports
* On-line payment module
* Collection agency file submission
* Export to enterprise software (i.e. New World, Accela)

We can also provide complete adjudication process setup including ordinance and procedural support and advice.


Yes IT-Stability provides both on-site and offsite training along with live web-based training.

Yes! Dacra TICK-IT! is fully customized to the way you operate. With our easy to learn and operate interface and compresence training program your agency will be using the software in no time.

Dacra Tick-IT! Ticket Tracking and Adjudication Program is currently being used by:

Des Plaines
St. Charles
South Elgin
Hanover Park

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact us at Dacra@it-stability.com or call us at 847-490-8440